OK! So times seem to be picking up and our lives are getting more intense and filled with amazing energy can you feel it?


I certainly can and I bet that it is not just me. Many are going through waves of transformation and it is manifesting in difficult, uncomfortable, mind boggling, heart jumping, soul moving events.

The time is now.

Most of the time in my past I would brush all those difficult things that weren’t so juicy out the window. It wasn’t happy time for me. Why dive into it?

This stopped me from moving forward in many aspects of my life at the time. As I see it now, that all happened for a reason.

But, NOW things are different. And I know some of you may know what I am saying.

Now is time for new mistakes and new mistakes means more growth for us all.

If you feel like the same thing keeps happening to you stop for minute. Isn’t that so annoying? I mean you work hard, you do the right thing snd the same annoying shit keeps happening. There is only so much you can take, am it right?

Well, wrong.

You can take on all that is thrown at you and then some.


Well you were built that way.

It is time to take a step back.

When I stopped reacting to many things that were going on around me and the people sometimes that came along with the circus I realized something…

I had to step back and look at the situations from a different perspective. I usually like to pretend I could be a few feet above it to really observe the situation. It is a great way to step back from any situation that may start manifesting in your life frequently. This is happening so we can handle it in a different way.

Ok this is not as hard it may sound! Think about all the times this situation or similar events happened how you may have handled it… would you do things differently? Have you learned anything from the outcomes of these passed events?

Well these are now your artillery to attack the situation and come out on top! Boom!

You will be pleasantly surprised how quickly the circumstances will change after that. It is a beautiful part of life and our growth. It is time to attack our problems and anything that no longer serves us full force! Believe in yourself because I do!

Stay beautiful!

One Love,


Don’t Hate Me Because YOU Are A Douchebag

People sometimes fall in love with their own Douchery. It is amazing. Hey maybe I almost fell in love with my own, well I guess that is another post another time.
Having the pleasure of growing up in southern New York I have had first class seats to some of the best Douche matches around. I mean hey, New Yorkers do have a bad rep for our swift walk, spontaneous nature and an ‘I don’t take shit from nobody’ attitude.

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