Hey today I help my monthly online Reiki Healing.
Helloooo Mercury Retrograde “How You Doin’?”
You gotta laugh about it!
So Google Hangouts was working for me finally I was so amped, I get in the shower come out and boom. Not working!
So I looked to blab.im for help and they came through. I recommend it to anyone.
So unfortunately the audio did not work and I have already fixed the problem so I am so psyched for the next event! =D
I will go over briefly what I said at beginning of the video so everyone is up to speed…

Mercury Retrograde occurs 3 times a year so it’s good to get to know yourself around these times and to be aware of how certain things and people affect you.
In my experience at this time starting before and even after the retrograde begins, it started September 17, 2015, communications get frazzled or super clear at this time. I got caught in traffic for an hour and half that day in the way home from work but I was mentally prepared for that already!
It is really important to be clear when communicating with others at this time and because of this I focused today’s healing on the solar plexus, heart and throat chakras. I also focused on a grounding and balance as a whole for anyone who attended live or will watch in the future.
I also used Karuna Ki Reiki and pulled a symbol for the healing and today it was the Tibetan Fire Serpent.
It can be used in either position I chose with the spiral on top to help us bring our energy higher to be completely aligned to be our authentic selves.
There is no time and space.
I will be holding these once a month and I look forward to the next one.
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One Love.