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Tarot and any form of divination is a direct connection to your subconscious mind and the divine; which pretty much runs the show around here! I am a psychic medium, healer and empath. I use all these gifts to help you understand your situation or any issues you may be having internally. 

I purchased my first deck when I was about 15. Due to my personal environment I never took it seriously back then. I picked it back up a few years back and when quarantine hit, I was all in! I wanted to use my gifts to help others and I felt like tarot would be the medium that would help me reach the most people. I am also a starseed very connected to the angelic realm, the divine mother and ancient civilizations. I am able to contact those that have crossed over as well.


Helping others with these skills is one of my passions. 

My soul mission is to motivate people and to help them find their life purpose.

Oh yea…

and keep these VIBES HIGH!




Energy Healing

 Distance Reiki Healing

I am attuned to various healing modalities including: Kundalini, Golden, Angel and Karuna Ki Reiki.

I am also attuned to  Ethereal Crystals. I often use physical crystals  and healing frequencies during the healing sessions.

Divine Guidance

Personal Reading

Insight into your situation, life purpose, love life, twin flame journey, business & more!

Get your personal

forecast to get your life back on track with the answers you need to know right now!


Custom Healing Jewlery

Crystals are so magical, yet practical! Get a special custom healing piece unique to your needs!

Through The Looking Glass

Contacting Passed Loved Ones, past lives & inner child

Energy is fluid and our souls never die. Your loved ones may be wanting to contact you. I am always honored to help others get the answers they are seeking from their ancestors, past lives and your inner child. 


What People are Saying…

Pamela Zúñiga Tarot Testimonial

Michelle is a careful reader who gives specific details to answer your question from different angles. Through the reading you will not only get answers but also advise on how to approach a particular situation. I deeply recommend her if you are looking for an...

Andy x Tarot Testimonial

Hi Michelle, thank you so much for the reading. The reading really did resonate with me. It’s going to be very interesting what might happen in my future as I can certainly see a lot of connections there. In terms of the Crystals , is it best to purchase these to help...

Kar Wren Tarot Testimonial

Strongly recommend her reading. Very detailed and spot on as well. Creates added value to readings with crystals to help. Thank you!Get StartedWith A Personal Reading!Are you ready to tap into the universe inside...

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One Question Tarot Reading

Tarot and Oracle reading to get you the answer you need right now!

Something on your mind? Get a  detailed answer!

Two Question Tarot Reading ?? 

Tarot and Oracle reading to help you get the answers you are seeking at this time!

Let’s get to the bottom of it!

Three Question Tarot Reading ??? 

Tarot and Oracle reading to get to the bottom of your situation right now!

Specific and detailed answers to help you move forward with confidence! 

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