Angel Reiki


After learning more about Reiki I was called to learn more about Angel Reiki. I have always resonated with Angel energy and have always been able to easily communicate with them.

Angel Reiki healing is extremely powerful way of healing and uplifting any area of life that needs help – be it Money, career, emotional crisis, heart breaks, physical distress, lethargy – or any other problem you can imagine under the sun.


Since Angels are always vibrating at a very very High frequency I find that negative energy finds it impossible to sustain in their slightest presence and immediately shatters away. There is a whole Divine team of angels and Divine beings, Goddesses and Devas who surround me during an Angel Reiki session to assist me and work on my client’s energy. 


I have been connected to the divine mother since I was a child and I have even seen Mother Mary in the heavenly skies of a small town in Portgual. It is no coincidence that my family is from there and that I have had the privilege, and honor; of visiting this amazing vortex many times!


This adds another dimension to the power of Reiki, the combination of this spiritual healing practice with the realm of the angels expands and deepens the possibilities. Angelic Reiki draws the healing power of the Divine Mind through the angelic beings to the Reiki practitioner, granting an even greater healing energy, maximizing the beneficial effects. Melding the two forms of energy healing optimizes self-healing and the restoration of well being to others.


I have a personal relationship with Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael who tend to visit me often! I am ever so grateful to be able to share this high frequency of healing with all of you!


Angel Reiki Attunements and Healings will be up in the shop soon!




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