Grass is ALWAYS Greener in the HEART!



You rise and shine, you go about your days and you are blissfully happy and joyous.

Then one day everything is awful.

Sound familiar? 

We all go through roller coasters of emotions and start questioning even the most loving and joyous parts of our life as not being good enough…

or what if this or that…

or what if you just accepted it as is?

When we start accepting and living in the now, we will not look to the neighbor and ask why their grass is greener.

The grass could be green to you, and not green enough for the next…

Of course we are human!

Now the difference between these two scenarios is that some of us tend to get stuck in either one, for different periods of time.

We are all one.

We are all energy.

Energy is never lost but always transferred.

We have the power to change how we feel, think and ultimately our realities.

How will you choose to tend your grass?

See you next time angels!

One Love,



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