Don’t Hate Me Because You Are A Douchebag



People sometimes fall in love with their own Douchery. It is amazing!

Hey maybe I almost fell in love with my own, well I guess that is another post for another time!

Having the pleasure of growing up in southern New York I have had first class seats to some of the best Douchebag matches around. I mean hey, New Yorkers do have a bad rep for our swift walk, spontaneous nature and an ‘I don’t take shit from nobody’ attitude.

I get it…

We can sometimes be unapproachable.

Yes we can all be this way.

But that is not what this post is about!

This post is about how we react to those who are in their Douchebag mode. Get over yourself!

Over the past few years I have had to detach myself from certain people because I had started going down a different path. I had started to question more things in our world and started learning more about my spirituality.

Now this does not mean I am going to fly to the mountains with the yogi’s and hibernate in the lotus position. This is a journey that continues day by day and I guess until my time is up here. I am in no rush to learn all there is and so I take it all in with a smile. =)

Back to the Douchebags…

Some people that know me, know that sometimes you may get caught in my line of wordily fire that has such colorful soul you could paint a mural with it. Now a days I am taking a more ‘enlightened’ approach. But that does not mean I do not speak my honesty to others even though it may not sound so good to them on the other side.

You hate me because WE are the douchebags.

Well when we get emotionally aroused in a negative way by others, we are actually seeing the reflection that they are showing us of our own behavior that we might not be our own cheerleader about. This sometimes is hard to swallow because we do not want to look at ourselves in that way. But I promise you that once you acknowledge this you are on the right track.

How to learn from the Douchebag.

That may sound awkward, but it works.

I don’t doubt some of you are reading this and are thinking ‘what the hell is wrong with this girl… douche this… douche that…’ well I apologize for those that are not used to this word being used lightly but I am not for the light hearted. This post is for those who can take my shit and maybe marinate in it if it resonates with you.

All things that emotionally strike us as not so sweet are lessons in disguise and we must be grateful for all of them no matter even they make us cry.

Now that does not mean stay in a bad situation because you are learning from it!


If you have learned your lesson then staying in the bad situation or changing something about it will just be crazy town.

We are all here to learn from each other and I am grateful that I have an avenue to share that with all of you and I appreciate all of you for reading.


Thanks for Reading!

See you next time xo

One Love,


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